In today’s complex healthcare environment, it’s more vital than ever to expand capacity and offer easier, more convenient access to imaging services to communities and populations that need it the most.  At Real Imaging Ltd we are focussed on providing an accessible  MRI service to patients.   We aim to work closely with the NHS, the Private sector and other Healthcare stakeholders, helping them increase their capacity and lowering their waiting lists.  We aim to address where quality ends up being compromised by throughput.  We offer reasonable prices to our clients allowing them to make huge savings whilst using high end imaging equipment without compromising on quality.  Our services are also available to those patients who wish to have their scans done privately

NHS Hospitals and Private Hospitals


We offer:

An efficient Mobile MRI service using the latest technology MRI scanners to meet your needs.

Smooth intergration with your hospital protocols, processes and PACS system

Service reliability with same day technical and applications support

We’ll work with you to customize a flexible plan that meets your unique patient demands, staffing, and product lifecycle needs.

All scans are carried out by highly trained Senior MRI Radiographers with vast experince in the NHS and the Private Sector

Private Imaging Services


Real Imaging Ltd provides MRI scanning services for private patients who would like to have quick access to imaging.  Our appointments team will be happy to organise an appointment at a time and date that suits.  We accept referrals from GPs and specialist referrals.


Referrals for our private services can be accessed here


Please ask your Doctor/Specialist for a referral as unfortunately we can not process your booking without a referral from your Doctor/Specialist


For the convenience of our patients, we operate a 12 hour scanning day, starting at 8am.

More information on MRI can be accessed here

Why choose us


We provide a fast, confidential and affordable service using high end imaging equipment without compromising on quality. Our experienced MRI Radiographers are caring, compassionate and are committed to what they do. 

We will strive to deliver high quality, appropriate, and cost effective care through our diverse, energetic and highly trained professional personnel to ensure a positive outcome for all our patients.


Our commitment to you, our customers, powers our practice of continuous improvement in everything we do - from our network of professional Radiologists, MRI Radiographers and other customer support professionals, to our investments in the most advanced imaging technologies and information systems.